4th and Inches: The state of officiating in the NFL

This week, National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell is hosting the annual owners meeting, in which all 32 team owners come together to vote on proposed changes for the upcoming season. While the owners vote on multiple issues, many fans, players and coaches are most concerned about the decisions that affect gameplay.

REVIEW: ‘Cocaine Bear’ brings fresh snow to Hollywood

"What’s the worst that could happen in a forest?” The 2023 film “Cocaine Bear” finally answered that frequently asked question.  “Cocaine Bear” tells the story of a cast of oddballs. Each is on a unique quest, but share the goal of not being slain by the high-on-cocaine black bear roaming a Georgia national park.

4th and Inches: 2022-23 NFL Season Awards

The 2022-23 National Football League season was wild. The script couldn’t have been more entertaining for football fans. Many players had outstanding seasons worthy of recognition. Here are some players who I believe should earn awards that may or may not exist. 

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