Palisadian Aims to Bring ‘Soulful Selling’ to West Channel Road Through Blueview ATELIER

Photo Courtesy of Tawnya Warren

By Brett Abrams | December 17, 2020

After garnering 26 years of experience as a jewelry buyer and exclusive fine designer with Barneys New York, Palisadian Tawnya Warren has opened a shop of her own, blueview ATELIER, on West Channel Road.

Warren explained that she began her career by selling jewelry for Barneys New York following her graduation from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, where she studied accessory design. After just one year of selling jewelry, Warren shared that she was asked to move into the buying department.

“They saw that I have a creative edge to me,” Warren said.

Warren described her fine jewelry brand, Zoe, as a collection of exclusive, hand-crafted pieces made from raw, opaque diamonds set in oxidized platinum. The brand’s namesake comes from what Warren referred to as her alter ego: “The blonde, curly-haired wild child that I’m not.”

Warren moved to California—and eventually Pacific Palisades—after she traveled here and immediately fell in love with the state.

“I sold everything I had and moved out here with two suitcases,” Warren said.

It worked out well: She was offered a job at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills, where she continued her career as a jewelry buyer and designer.

Samples of pieces

Now, Warren has opened blueview ATELIER and expanded her brand to include a variety of products, such as textiles, drapes, linen bags, skin care items and candles.

“All of the products are good for your body,” according to Warren. “It’s really about creating a wonderful state of mind.”

After working as a real estate agent for six years with Berkshire Hathaway in the Palisades, Warren explained that she became an expert on ocean-view properties. When she first discovered her future storefront, she was drawn to the enchanting atmosphere.

“To get someone to move into a space, there has to be something almost magical about it,” Warren said.

Warren hopes to bring the magical feeling to the shop with an illuminated array of alluring features: Two French doors open up to a Juliet balcony with a stunning view of ocean waves crashing on the shore. A 600-square-foot outdoor patio establishes the rear of the property. The crown molding of the ceiling and the arched hallways make up the structure of Warren’s boutique.

Warren also dubbed the shop her “speakeasy store” due to the blue, heavy, wooden doors with a small peephole—reminiscent of popular speakeasies from the early 20th century. Although this feature differs from the normal glass storefronts of many retail spaces, Warren explained that she adores the unique detail.

The store itself has a nod to Barneys New York: She traveled to the San Francisco location to purchase cases to “keep part of the history alive.”

Warren said she hopes to create a welcoming environment for her customers.

“I want people to feel like they are coming to visit me at my home and feel comfortable,” Warren said. “Consider it soulful selling.”

One of Warren’s many inspirations for opening up her store was her experience taking jewelry classes at Rustic Canyon Recreation Center with a group of like-minded women. Although the classes are temporarily on pause due to the pandemic, many of the women set up home studios to continue crafting jewelry.

Display cases

One of Warren’s favorite elements of the class was the method in which the women made their jewelry; they simply used fire, a hammer and a saw—disregarding any technological devices primarily used in the industry.

“We would sit in this room and make jewelry and make mistakes and laugh at each other,” she recalled. “I had such a good time with them.”

Although mistakes were somewhat common, Warren shared that she believes that is what made each and every piece unique. Warren said she admires the group’s passion for making jewelry and offered to display the work of her classmates in her new shop.

Warren shared that she plans on using her store to showcase the work of other Palisadian artists, including painters, designers, photographers and even chefs—when COVID-19 guidelines deem it safe to host social events. The store will have her lifestyle brand blueview ATELIER, local artists and friends from her days at Barneys New York. Pieces from Zoe, which for 13 years were sold exclusively at Barneys New York, are available in the shop.

Warren has already begun producing limited-edition gift cards using the work of a Palisadian photographer.

“What I want to do with the store is really invite other local artists to display their work,” she said.

For Warren, the importance of blueview ATELIER extends well beyond a simple business endeavor; the products and goods of the shop extend well beyond simple accessories.

“Jewelry can speak and tell all these stories for us,” Warren concluded.

Blueview ATELIER is located at 145 West Channel Road. For more information, visit

Originally Published by The Palisadian-Post on December 17, 2020

Link to original article here

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