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Palisadian David Eagle Brokers More Than 70 Models of Electric Vehicles Through Current EV

By Brett Abrams | April 1, 2021

After a three-decade Emmy Award-winning career as a TV producer and director, Palisadian David Eagle took action in pursuit of a more eco-friendly society by creating Current EV—an auto broker and concierge service exclusively for electric and hybrid motor vehicles.

Eagle, who now serves on the Resilient Palisades Solar Power Group committee, started his career immediately after college working as a researcher for a documentary series. After working his way up to become a producer, Eagle decided to start his own production company with partner David Horowitz.

With the creative freedom that came with his own production company, Eagle started making content discussing the issues many school-aged children and teenagers face. One of Eagle’s productions, “Kids Killing Kids,” focused on gun violence at schools. That episode—which Eagle wrote, produced and directed—won the 1994 Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Program.

Samples of models on the Current EV website

“I could make TV movies that I was concerned about,” Eagle said. “I wanted to do things, and pretty much have always done things, that have meaning to me.”

One issue that caught Eagle’s attention was the energy crisis and deterioration of the environment. His concern for the environment dates back to his high school years, when Earth Day became a globally celebrated holiday on April 22, 1970.

“The first Earth Day gave me a whole new purpose,” he shared, “and I’ve been involved ever since.”

While he produced environmental content during his time in the television industry, Eagle’s environmental activism significantly increased when Nissan made one of the first commercially available plug-in hybrid cars—the 2010 Nissan LEAF. Eagle got one of the first LEAFs available in the United States and has driven electric vehicles since then.

When he first got the car, Eagle’s friends would argue that the car wasn’t entirely eco-friendly because “someone’s burning something to create the electricity.” Eagle refuted that argument by installing solar panels on his house, a pollution and cost-free energy source for both his home and car.

Six months after Eagle got his car from the Nissan dealership in Santa Monica, they shut down, removing the only dealership of electric cars in West Los Angeles at the time.

“There has to be an all-electric vehicle dealership on the Westside,” Eagle said he thought at the time, especially due to the fact that the area is environmentally minded.

Eagle unsuccessfully spent half a year trying to convince Chevy and Nissan to allow him to become a dealer for both their vehicles, the Chevy Bolt and Nissan LEAF. But after a friend offered valuable advice, Eagle began calling the dealerships and offered to help sell their vehicles.

Unbeknown to Eagle, this action would trigger the creation of Current EV, a concierge and broker service for electric vehicles.

Current EV works with dealerships to sell electric vehicles, such as the Chevy Bolt and Nissan LEAF.

“They still carry the inventory, we are just the brokers of those vehicles to help bring customers in,” he explained of the service.

Essentially, Current EV is designed to be an expert in all 72 of the electric vehicles available on the market today. The company also works with electricians to provide customers with all the necessary equipment for their vehicle.

“If somebody needs a charger or wants a charger installed in their garage, we can provide the charger, and we can have it installed,” Eagle said.

Current EV also helps educate customers so they know all the incentives that come with buying an electric vehicle. Some perks of electric vehicles include free meter parking in Santa Monica, a tax credit and the ability to drive in carpool lanes even as a lone driver.

One of the more unique services Current EV has to offer is its full UV Solar Lifestyle. For those who want to have a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, Eagle and his company work with solar companies to have solar panels installed for their customers.

Eagle shared that he is hoping to expand his company in order to reach more people. He was planning on embarking on a six-month marketing campaign to scale up the business back in February 2020 only to be disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the setback, Eagle said he still plans on launching his campaign in the near future.

“I think the key is that we’re here to help,” Eagle said. “My goal is to make the Earth better than it was when I came into this world, and this is the best way I can think of to achieve that.”

For more information regarding Current EV, visit currentev.com or call 310-477-2233.

Originally Published by The Palisadian-Post on April 1, 2021

Link to original article here

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